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Welcome to the T2T(UK)  Club's Training Tips

Here is a collection of practical tips to help improve your teaching or training. You will find lots of ideas and resources to make your class or workshop more successful.

Next Steps

You have taken that initial step with a T2TUK/KaganUK workshop... where next?
Next Steps

Numbers for team members

As well as identifying student A & B, each team member needs to know their number. This table label will assist with identifying team member 1, 2, 3 & 4 for each team..
Numbers for team members

The Quiet Signal

Every Teacher knows that an efficient‘ Attention Signal’ is crucial to good classroom management. This short article explores how to make the Quiet Signal work and gives plenty of variations to allow students to do what they like doing most:talk, without losing control of the class.
The Quiet Signal

Team box contents

We are often asked what's in the team box. The link below provides an indepth contents list of the box.
Team box contents

Team Sizes

What is the best team size and team composition? This article looks at 2 great reasons for using teams of four.
Team Sizes

How safe is your classroom?

In this article Elaine examines how to make your students feel ‘safe’ and what preventative measures can be put in place. Elaine gives some great practical tips for a threat free environment.
How safe is your classroom?

The Learning Pyramid

This short article shows how different teaching methods deliver different retention rates. Which are the ‘big 3’ that Cooperative Learning Structures help you as a teacher to ‘hit’.
Learning Pyramid

15 Significant Instructional Optimisers

This document lists 15 Brain Compatible strategies to significantly boost your Classroom Instruction..
Instructional Optimisers

Attendance Board

Teachers spend an enormous amount of time and energy taking register. Save time by using an Attendance Board.
Attendance Board

Thinking Phrases

Key phrases to introduce to students to extend their range of language about the thinking they have been doing.
Thinking Phrases

Thinking Skills Model

Forget designing special thinking skills lessons. Learn to implement the Kagan 15 Thinking Skills Model; and make thinking skills part of every lesson!
Thinking Skills Model

7 Reasons To Do Classbuilding

As well as defining a ‘Classbuilder’ this article gives 7 great reasons for using them in your classroom.
7 Reasons to do Classbuilding

5 Reasons to do Teambuilding

As well as defining a ‘Teambuilder’ this article gives 5 great reasons for using them in your classroom.
5 Reasons to do teambuilding


In this short article 5 ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ about Cooperative Learning are answered.

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Make a positive difference by bringing ‘Teacher to Teacher UK’ (Kagan-UK) Professional Development to your school or cluster. T2TUK/Kagan-UK team offer INSET Workshops, Keynotes and Open Enrolment Events. Full details of the workshops offered can be found in the training events page and 'In School Training' menu of this website.