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Music For Learning

Listening and playing music is a powerful way to learn

The purpose of this workshop is to help teachers who love music in the classroom but are not sure of how or when or which music is best for different learning situations.

During this T2TUK/Kagan-UK workshop we cover the many ways to use music:

  • Practical suggestions of WHEN and WHAT to play.
  • Positive ways music affects you and your students.
  • How to use music to energise students.
  • How to use music to calm students down.
  • How to use music in your classroom to increase attention, memory and learning.
  • How to use music to encourage teambuilding and bonding.
  • How music enhances cognition.
  • Facts about the original ‘Mozart Study’.
  • Music and the emotions.
  • Plus much more...

Using Music helps to make your learning environment much more student-friendly. It helps to create a non-threatening supportive learning community where discipline problems will improve. As you use music in your curriculum you make your work more fun, interesting, relaxing and MORE MEMORABLE.

Take as a twighlight session

Incorporating music into the curriculum is not about school efficiency but about effectiveness. It’s about nourishing the learners brain for the long haul which may, in the end, simply develop better citizens for tomorrow.

Have music playing at the start and close of lessons also use music to mark transitions or breaks!

“Quite simply, music is good for you– physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It can strengthen the mind, unlock the creative spirit, and, miraculously, even heal the body.”
Don Campbell (The Mozart Effect)

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