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Beaver Road Primary School

Beaver Road, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 6SX

Below is a ‘Testimony’ written by David How, Headteacher of Beaver Road Primary School, 6th June 2006.

Beaver Road is a very large primary school in South Manchester. There are 15 different nationalities represented in our school community and 30% of our children have English as an Additional Language. We are a high performing school as evidenced by our national test results. We are engaged in a long term programme of improvements to teaching and learning that will take us from a good school to an outstanding school. We are using extensively the support and training offered by Gavin Clowes and Elaine Brown. They are both first class professionals with many years experience and understanding of how schools operate and the challenges faced by classroom teachers. They match practicality with well researched educational theory to produce INSET programmes that are thought provoking, motivational and great fun. More importantly their programmes lead to deep and profound improvements in teaching and learning for all staff. I recommend them highly to any school that wishes to sustain real improvements to teaching and learning over extended periods of time.

They do not offer the easy answers or options all too often claimed by other trainers.

They challenge at a much deeper level and thereby gain both the respect and commitment of staff to change and improvement processes.

Participants Reviews from our Autumn workshop:

“Inspirational!! Very informative, really interesting stuff with a great mix of theory, practice and ideas– it explained how to use the structures but more importantly—WHY I should use them. Reflecting on my classroom practice it has enabled me to think of ways to enhance children’s learning experiences– it’s like someone switching the colour on the TV!”
Andy Brady, Nether Alderley Primary School

“Mind blowing! Opened my eyes to new possibilities. Excellent best courses I have been on since being a teacher!!”
Nichola Buckley, Primary Teacher

“I look forward to implementing ideas learnt in my classroom, this was the best course I have been on!”
Natalia Miralles, Our Ladies Immaculate RC Primary School

“This has been a brilliant course with structures I can begin to use straight away.”
Kathy Davies, Hurdsfield Primary School

“I learnt alot over the two and half days! I really feel that by introducing these structures into my class, the kids will not only have alot more fun but will learn far more in an engaging and interactive way.”
Sarah Collins, St. John’s the Evangelist CE Primary School

“I really enjoyed myself and can’t wait for Monday to start implementing some of the things I have learned!”
Joanne Roberts, Our Ladies Immaculate RC Primary School

“I feel the content in the workshop was fantastic and has given me many wonderful ideas I can use with in the classroom. Gavin was fanatastic and presented with 100% enthusiasm. I have enjoyed this course tremendously.”
Nicola stephen, B.A. Hons ( PE Secondary)

“Interactive and engaging, offering a variety of new topics I had little or no prior knowledge of. A very enjoyable 2 ½ Days I have gained valuable experience that will give me a headstart to my teaching career.”
Stephen Owen, P.G.C.E. ( History: Secondary)

“Thank you very much for an inspirational 3 days.”
Carolyn McGuigan, High school Teacher

“The content was practical, inspiring, fun, excellent ideas to take away and put into practice in any classroom!! ”
Eleanor Harrington, High school Teacher

“My name is Kathy Davies, I attended the 2 1/2 Autumn Workshop at Shrigley Hall Hotel at the end of November and I just thought I'd let you know how it was going back in the classroom. Well I don't think I'm exaggerating if I said it's totally revolutionalised my classroom practice. Of course I'm still getting used to the structures I learnt and I have done some of them wrong! (although the children don't realise) however when I have used them the whole atmosphere in the classroom has changed. I can't describe it but I have a difficult class and some of them opt out of work if they can but while using the structures there is a purposeful buzz to the class which I never achieved in the Autumn term. The children have said 'cool' 'wow' and 'this is great' and one of the boys who has been really difficult has had the best four days in a row since September - I realise it's not a magic wand but just thought I needed to tell you what an impact they've had.”
Kathy Davies Hurdsfield Primary, UK

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