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Join T2TUK/KAGAN UK for the Kagan In-School Trainer Course

at the Deanwater Hotel, Woodford, Cheshire, SK7 1RJ

16th – 19th June 2020

Training The Kagan



Become a powerful Kagan trainer in your school. If you're experienced and successful with a range of Kagan Structures, and have responsibilities for training others at your school, you're ready for the Kagan ‘In-School’ Trainer Institute. You'll learn exactly what you need to know to train teachers. Practice the 13 steps of presenting a structure. Set up Structure-A-Month Clubs. This course certifies you to conduct trainings ONLY for teachers at one school. For-profit and multi-school trainings are not permitted. See below for more certification information and training prerequisites.

If you would welcome the chance to be trained by Gavin Clowes as a Kagan in-School Cooperative Learning Trainer this is the workshop you have been waiting for.

Before you submit your application read the information below carefully to see if you meet the prerequisite requirements to support your application.

With regard to your application if we can answer any of your questions please do not hesitate to contact us at Joanna.Clowes@T2TUK.co.uk  or call our office +44(0)1625 573223.

4 Day
Workshop only
£610.00 + VAT

(ie £732.00 including VAT)

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The Kagan In-School Trainer Certification programme has been re-structured to support elements of effective staff development and school improvement. The real goal of staff development is to create systematic change that positively impacts student learning over time. It is essential that any new innovation be part of a structured school improvement process that includes training, monitoring, support, and resources.

The primary focus of the trainer certification programme will be to train school trainers in schools/educational establishments where Cooperative Learning has been chosen as a school/establishment-wide initiative with the full support of the Head and Senior Management Team and the school/establishment has been trained in at least Day 1 by a T2TUK/KaganUK trainer. It is strongly recommended that one of the SMT have attended the Leaders’ Blueprint Course

Careful consideration has been given to research on staff development. The set of components below enhances the transfer of skills from the workshop to implementation in the classroom. This provides the foundation and the credence for those wishing to transfer their skills and present training workshops to their school/establishment’s staff.

Places on this course are awarded strictly by successful application.

School Trainer Certification Process

To Be Completed Within 4 Years

  • Completion of Kagan Cooperative Learning Days 1- 4 (within the last four years)
  • Use of the structures and content of the training with students in a classroom for a minimum of one year
  • Evidence of that teaching e.g. written evidence/observations by another member of staff/ certified National Trainer observation or video (10-15mins)*
  • Evidence of demonstrating/sharing expertise of a structure to colleagues e.g. written evidence/observation by National Trainer or video (10-15mins)*
  • Evidence of Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures being within the School/establishment’s Development Plan *
  • A short written paragraph on the candidates personal reflection or observation of their use and the impact of Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures
  • Your Teaching Staff must have completed a Whole Staff Day 1 Workshop with an International / National Kagan Trainer.

*These components will be determined by the professional judgment of Gavin Clowes – Certified International Trainer—T2TUK/KaganUK

Click Here to Download Your Application Form

Applications and Enquiries should be sent to:

Joanna Clowes
Teacher To Teacher (UK) Limited
  • Suite F6.3(B), 1st Floor,
  • Adelphi Mill, Grimshaw Lane,
  • Bollington
  • Macclesfield
  • Cheshire
  • SK10 5JB
  • Phone: +44(0)1625 573223
  • Email: Joanna.Clowes@T2TUK.co.uk
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Contact us

  • Teacher To Teacher (UK) Limited
  • Suite F6.3(b), 1st Floor,
  • Adelphi Mill, Grimshaw Lane,
  • Bollington
  • Cheshire
  • SK10 5JB
  • Phone: +44(0)1625 573223
  • Email: joanna.clowes@t2tuk.co.uk

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