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“Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out.”
Frank A. Clark

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Kagan Structures

The Kagan Structures described briefly in this document have many uses, they help to make teaching and learning more fun and successful. Just plug in new content to create engaging activities. All of the Kagan structures outlined are can be experienced at Teacher To Teacher (UK) Workshops.


Pump up the fun in your classroom with cheers and praisers. Celebrations enhance learning, boost attention and motivation. Learn the Team Cheer, Truck Driver, Boxer and many more.

Ideas For Classbuilders

At its simplest ’Classbuilding’ is getting students to know, like and respect other students in their class. Classbuilding refers to any classroom practice which results in improved classroom climate. In this download find many, many fun classbuilders, teambuilders, energisers and ice-breakers.


Be free with praise for even minor successes; it will encourage larger successes. Be careful, however, never to be phony and praise when it isn't deserved; you will lose your credibility and the value of future praise. This download is jammed packed with praisers to get you started.

 Sponge Activities

What is the purpose of a ‘sponge’? This download is a detailed guide to all the sponge activities you will ever need.


Whether teaching students or teachers, a constant question remains: Who’s first? That is, who starts? Who starts the discussion? Who starts the team project? Who is the first to answer the first question? Who is the first to share the team’s idea with the class? This download provides nearly fifty fun and quick ways to determine who’s on first. Students will have more fun, and get to know each other better with these great suggestions.


This great download has nearly forty ideas for Teambuilding with RoundRobin. Teammates will develop more enthusiasm, trust and mutual support for each other which in the long run will lead to more efficient work.


Improve your students EQ as well as IQ. Start with any of the ideas contained in this simple download.


Take this quiz and learn about your best friend. When completed discuss your answers with your best friend to see how accurate they are. The theory is that your students will learn a lot about each other.

T-Shirt Teambuilding

T-Shirt Teambuilding

Try this simple teambuilder: ‘Life With the Wright Family’ your class will love it!

Three-Step Interview is a wonderful way for students to get to know each other better. They will value their diversity as well as seeing similarities amongst themselves. Three-Step Interview is a wonderful way for students to get to know each other better. They will value their diversity as well as seeing similarities amongst themselves.

Window Paning. Students learn to take notes during class in picture form. It keeps them awake during a presentation while helping them retain more information.

People Bingo

This simple classic will allow your students, or teachers, to ‘mix and talk’ and to discover something new about each other.

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Make a positive difference by bringing ‘Teacher to Teacher UK’ (Kagan-UK) Professional Development to your school or cluster. T2TUK/Kagan-UK team offer INSET Workshops, Keynotes and Open Enrolment Events. Full details of the workshops offered can be found in the training events page and 'In School Training' menu of this website.