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Join T2TUK/KAGAN UK for a 1-Day Classbuilding and Teambuilding Workshop

at the Deanwater Hotel, Woodford, Cheshire, SK7 1RJ

On 4th March 2020

Kagan Cooperative Learning:

Classbuilding and Teambuilding — Day 1

The rationale for doing Classbuilding and Teambuilding is manyfold. Class and Teambuilding is great for getting students acquainted with one another at the beginning of the year.

Class & Teambuilding throughout the year promotes the liking and respecting of teammates and classmates. Students interact with one another in an open, nonthreatening environment creating mutual support and promoting self-esteem. Students are active, and the classroom becomes more fun and energising. Students enjoy the class and the school more. The classroom runs smoothly and less time is spent on management and more time on active learning. Students learn lifelong interpersonal skills and are better prepared to function in an increasingly pluralistic society. And, the world is a little nicer place because of it. Good enough?

Workshop Highlights:
  • Class & Teambuilding is great for students getting acquainted with each other.
  • Students need the opportunity to get out of their seats and to interact with their classmates in a positive way
  • Class & Teambuilding can energise your class at moments of low energy
  • Students feel greater sense of self-worth
  • Students find they have things in common, this builds value networks as the students develop respect for each other
  • Class & Teambuilding creates a non-threatening environment as conflicts are reduced and discipline problems drop away
  • Class & Teambuilding is FUN and creates greater liking for class and school
  • Class & Teambuilding helps to create the Inclusive classroom in which all students feel they are valued members.

Class and Teambuilding

Kagan Trilogy—See Below for Details

1 Day
Workshop only
£160.00 + VAT
(ie £192.00 including VAT)

Presenter: Gavin Clowes

Timings for Workshop

8.30 am Registration

9.00 am - 3.45 pm Workshop

Kagan Trilogy

Are you new to Kagan, or do you want to support Disadvantaged/Pupil Premium students who have a high probability of failing academically or dropping out of school? The Trilogy is a taster series of three 1 Day KaganUK workshops, to be taken individually or together, so that you can experience how to meet the challenge of supporting ‘high risk students’ with Kagan structures, activities, and procedures. Combining tools from Cooperative Learning (Classbuilding and Teambuilding), Win-Win Discipline, and Brain-Friendly Instruction, this series of workshops empowers you with knowledge and strategies you will put to work immediately in your schools and classrooms.

Kagan Trilogy Pricing:

Classbuilding & Teambuilding — 4th March 2020 — £160 + VAT
Brain-Friendly Teaching — 5th March 2020 — £185 + VAT
Win-Win Discipline – 6th March 2020 — £185 + VAT

Early Bird Discounts — Register before 30.12.2019

Save 5% - Register two or more delegates on any single Trilogy Workshop
Save 30% - Register a delegate for all three Trilogy Workshops

Discounts cannot be combined or used in conjunction with any other offer.

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