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The 'Le Woogie' Card Trick. Performed by: Le Woogie

This one can make a complete fool of you. Good luck. Be ready to explain how Le Woogie does this, because you are bound to ask!

Pick one of the following cards. Don’t tell anybody; just keep it in your head.

Scroll down when you have your card,

Think about your card for 20 seconds in front of Le Woogie

Le Woogie will attempt to read your mind! Scroll down after 20 Seconds

The Great Le Woogie Has Removed Your Card!

SCARY ISN'T IT. Now scroll up and do it again.

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About us

Make a positive difference by bringing ‘Teacher to Teacher UK’ (Kagan-UK) Professional Development to your school or cluster. T2TUK/Kagan-UK team offer INSET Workshops, Keynotes and Open Enrolment Events. Full details of the workshops offered can be found in the training events page and 'In School Training' menu of this website.