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Freedom To Learn

Positive Suggestion
As teachers, creating a positive supportive learning environment from the clothes we wear, to our expressions and the tonality of our voice all give signals to the learner. Some ways to use positive suggestion are: post positive affirmation posters, greet students at the door with a kind word and a smile, use stories that affirm the student’s potential. (See T2TUK/Kagan-UK Special Articles ‘Invitational Theory’.) Every thing we do as a teacher should have a benefit for our learners leading to the ‘plus factor’.

Engage Emotions
Emotions are key to engaging long-term memory. Emotions trigger the positive brain chemicals which may lead to a future love of learning. Using cooperative games, role-plays, concert readings and celebrations are all ways to engage the emotions.

Orchestrate Learning
All learning is state-dependent. If the students are not in the appropriate mind state for learning you’re wasting your time (see MFL Framework- a Positive Mind State). The more you observe and work with student’s states the more effetcive you will become. Use of Brain Gym and CL structures such as Quiz Quiz Trade and Find Someone Who that allow for state change throughout the learning help to create a supportive learning environment by paying attention to physical state.

“Accelerated Learning gives you the freedom to learn. It helps you to tap into the genius that all of us have .”
Jannette Vos

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Make a positive difference by bringing ‘Teacher to Teacher UK’ (Kagan-UK) Professional Development to your school or cluster. T2TUK/Kagan-UK team offer INSET Workshops, Keynotes and Open Enrolment Events. Full details of the workshops offered can be found in the training events page and 'In School Training' menu of this website.