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Accelerated Learning - Common Features

Common Features of ‘Accelerated Learning’ in a Cooperative Learning school:

A Positive Learning Environment.
Use of: visuals including summary posters and previews of upcoming content, large mind-maps, bright walls, bright well-lit classrooms, positive colours, mobiles, optimal acoustics for listening, inspirational music, affirmation posters, plenty of natural light, flexible seating with multiple options, aesthetic beauty:flowers,plants and view, the use of positive aromas, access to food and water, temperature at 18-23°C (66-74°F). Most importantly of all Learner safety– No threats!!

Learner Preparation.
The accelerated learning teacher knows that not all learners come to them motivated and ready to learn. Fear of failure, embarrassment of success, critical self-talk, cultural barriers, lack of effiency due to inadequate nutrition or unhealthy life styles can be overcome through eductation and support.

Multiple Learning Styles/ Intelligences implemented
Many of the Kagan Cooperative Learning structures provide opportunities for learners to meet this challenge in a variety ways. (See T2TUK/Kagan-UK Multiple Intelligences). We each have a preferred learning style — a way of learning that suits us best. If you know and use the techniques that match your preferred way of learning, you learn more naturally. The CL teacher aims to Match, Stretch and Celebrate the different learning styles of all the students in his/her class. We learn through seeing, hearing and doing.( See ‘Learning Pyramid’ T2TUK/Kagan-UK Training Tips)

Student-Centered Learning
Students that are involved in Cooperative Learning classrooms/schools feel more valued and empowered in their own learning. As structures put students into ‘real-life’ situations they quickly develop more life-skills and responsibility and are therefore more motivated.Structures such as RallyCoach and Numbered Heads Together allow students the opportunity to teach, present and interact with each other. Structures create space for reflection and meaningful dialogue. Many structures can be used to review what has been learned, how it was learned and how it will be used at a later date thus building learning power.

Due to the number and design of different Kagan Structures the Cooperative Learning teacher can achieve the balance between novelty and routine. Working in well crafted hetrogeneous teams (See ‘Teams’ in T2TUK/Kagan-UK Cooperative Learning Structures ) students acquire a range of embedded social skills such as empathetic listening, respe ct etc. Whilst at the same time providing acknowledgement, praise and acceptance for each other. The CL teacher works hard to build the “will” and “skill” of students to accept each other through Teambuilding and Classbuilding activities. The students honour each other’s culture and learn to celebrate diversity.

“Learning is not a spectator sport.”

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