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The Teen Brain

What Should You Know and What You Can Do.

For educators and parents, for those experiencing it and have experience of it……this T2TUK/Kagan-UK workshop could answer many previously unanswered questions.

Is the teenage brain different from an adult and a child’s brain?

Is it true that hormones affect learning?

Latest studies give incredible insight into the complex mechanism that is the teen brain.


This presentation will give important information that will enable teachers and parents to be better informed as to why teenagers respond differently to the world; and how this drives teenage behaviour. This session will provide strategies for teaching and learning and actions you can take.

Resource: Secrets of the Teenage Brain, Feinstein

While 95 percent of the human brain has developed by the age of six, scientists tell us that the greatest spurts of growth after infancy occur just around adolescence.
Areas in focus:
  • Misinterpretation of facial expression, body language, and directives.
  • Peers as top priority.
  • Importance of mentors.
  • Teens and emotions Development of the cerebellum.
  • Teens and learning.
  • Teens and Sleep.
  • Actions To Take
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