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Dr. Spencer Kagan on T2TUK/Kagan-UK and Structures

I am extremely pleased to endorse Teacher To Teacher (UK) Limited and this website as the UK source for all Kagan products. Gavin Clowes and Elaine Brown are extremely talented presenters who are dedicated to bring the best instructional strategies to the UK via their workshops, coaching, and now through this website. At the heart of our work is structures. Simple instructional strategies that can be used as part of any part of any lesson in any subject at any Key Stage. In the books and resources you will find on this website are ways to release the power of structures in your own classrooms. Any one structure profoundly improves outcomes along many dimensions including Academic Achievement, Brain Engagement and Development, and the development of Thinking Skills, Character, and EQ. You will find that when you use structures students are kinder to each other and enjoy class and academic content more. Discipline problems decrease. Is this list too long? Too hard to believe? It is supported by 1000 research studies. But those studies are not the proof. The proof will come in your own experience when you begin using the structures in your own class. I wish you success with structures.

Dr. Spencer Kagan Director,
Kagan Publishing and Professional Development

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