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10 Reasons To Play

Play is essential to human beings. To play is to experience pleasure and gain important skills at the same time. As children play relationships are fostered and explored, morality and fairness are modelled.To children play is the way of exploring the world around them.

Through play children build their social, physical, cognitive, emotional and creative skills.

It is through play that much of children's early learning is achieved.

This T2TUK/Kagan-UK workshop explores ‘Play’ focussing on:

  1. Character education – helping to develop a moral compass.
  2. Emotional Intelligence – creating an ideal forum for knowing and managing emotions.
  3. Positive Social Orientation – learning to play ‘with’ rather than ‘against’.
  4. Creativity.
  5. Bodily/Kinaesthetic Intelligence. Matching, stretching and celebrating!
  6. Process Orientation – ‘play’ for joy, spontaneity, fantasy and expressiveness.
  7. Equal Participation – play as a total inclusion experience.
  8. Engagement – the greater the participation, the greater the learning.
  9. Instinctual Playfulness – connects to a deep instinctual side of ourselves.
  10. Brain Science – tells us that play fuels the brain, helps grow more efficient circuitry and keeps you fresh and alert.

Play is the cornerstone of learning because it is the one activity that provides physical, emotional and intellectual development simultaneously….

Perhaps that explains why Cooperative Learning is so effective!!

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10 reasons to play
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