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Multiple Intelligences

How Are You Smart?

Understanding the different learning styles, whereby people intake and process information through learning preferences is the foundation for creating a successful learning environment. MI theory breaks the notion that brains are or are not smart. There are many ways to be smart. T2TUK/Kagan-UK will help you to match, stretch, and celebrate your students’ many ways to be smart.

When you make MI come alive in your classroom (T2TUK/Kagan-UK will show you how!) you will promote academic success for all your students by using fun and easy MI strategies that match how all students learn best.
Stretch your students’ multiple intelligences. Help students build on their strengths to become smarter in many ways.
Create a supportive learning environment in which students are appreciated for their multiple intelligences, and celebrate the uniqueness of their classmates.
T2TUK/Kagan-UK will show you easy-to-master MI strategies to make any lesson accessible to all intelligences, while developing and celebrating the unique pattern of intelligences of each student!
  • Learn simple structures, like Lyrical Lessons, Transparency Slide Show, Chunking, and many, many more which release the power of MI in any lesson.
  • Make your curriculum accessible to all your students, with all patterns of intelligences.
  • Use MI lessons and activities to make your content more engaging and exciting for all.
  • Boost learning by reaching students through their natural strengths.
  • Release your students’ hidden potential.
  • Learn structures to help your students become smarter in many ways.

When teachers are trained in MI strategies, their students learn more efficiently and effectively.

Multiple Intelligences 
“We are all gifted: just some haven’t opened their gifts yet.”
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