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Your Brain

Memory skills are fantastic fun to use and using multiple memory systems makes information almost unforgettable.

With a bit of practice and background knowledge your memory, and your student’s memory, can be almost perfect, making lessons easily remembered!!

Memory gives confidence and self-esteem! Learning some of these methods can assist you to help students to become greater learners.

Did you know that 80% of all learning is lost within 24-48 hours and that this can send students on a downward spiral of self-esteem about their ability

“I can’t do this!”, “I’m stupid!” etc

Positive self-esteem is essential for classroom success. Memory Systems have a particular appeal to traditionally ‘lower-ability’ learners, those that do not do so well with current methods.

Once you know how memory works, you'll make learning new information child’s play!
Your Brain
has the potential to remember 10 pieces of information every second of everyday of your life from birth up to 100+ and still be only partially full!!

10 x seconds per day (864,000) x 365 days per year(31,536,000) x 100 years =

3,153,600,000 Pieces of Information!!

Well used memory paths are easily accessible,
but lesser travelled paths take some finding.
“Memory is like a piece of music– it has different parts that come together to create the whole.”
Marcus Raichle
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