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Why Teach Memory Skills?

When you think about it all education is about creating memories in the minds of the learners. Can we honestly say a student has learnt a new fact, idea, formula, rule or skill if they are unable to recall it?

Perhaps it was taught, but until it is in memory, it is not learned. The ability to remember is essential for classroom success.

In this T2TUK/Kagan-UK workshop you will learn how to shift student’s perceptions about their memory, enabling them to make dramatic improvements in recall. You will learn about:

“If they cannot recall it, they never learnt it.” Eric Jensen
Part of the secret to memory is putting information IN so that you CAN recall it when YOU want.

Semantic, Procedural, Episodic, Working and Spatial memory.
Principles of Memory

Understand what memories really are in order to transform classroom learning.
Memory Techniques

Mnemonics, Rhymes and Jingles, The Link System, The Number-Shape System, The Number-Rhyme System, The Alphabet System, The Loci System and The Major System.
Natural Memory Rhythms

Go with the flow’ learn about recall of information during and after learning.
See Related pages: see how Mind Mapping can help memory.
“Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things.”
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