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What is Learning to Learn?

Essentially Learning to Learn means learning how your brain works, how our memory works, how you can store and retrieve information efficiently and how to link information to concepts you already know to build your learning power. It is about maximising the potential that lies within all of us. Learning to Learn is simple, natural and enormous fun it is ‘true learning’. At its heart is the belief that learning is learnable. (See also Higher-Level Thinking, ‘Learning How to Think.’)

T2TUK/Kagan-UK will show you and your students how to master your ‘intelligences’ and senses to learn much faster; this will include using music, rhythm, rhyme, action, drama, feelings and emotions. Your students will develop an awareness of how they prefer to learn and their learning strengths; how they can motivate themselves and have the self-confidence to learn.

The world our students are inheriting is one where the only constant will be change. As we have moved from the Industrial Age through the Information Age to the Knowledge Age the test of our education system is whether we can excite our students with the Joy of Learning. The ability to obtain, assimilate and apply the right knowledge effectively will be a key skill in the next century. Our talents will no longer be judged solely by qualifications gained in the past, but will also be assessed by our capacity to learn and adapt in the future. The ‘Learning To Learn’ skills that students will develop, such as reasoning, problem-solving and self-assessment, are those needed to be effective life-long learners.

PET Scans, CAT Scans and MRI Scans reveal how different information, experiences and chemicals created by the body affect the brain and how it functions.
The C.O.R.E. approach selects materials and techniques designed to embrace brain-friendly strategies and structures by focusing not only on what children learn, but also on how they learn.
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“They know enough who know how to learn.”
Henry Adams
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