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Certified International Kagan Trainers

If you are interested in finding out more about Kagan Cooperative Learning as developed by Dr. Spencer Kagan please check out www.KaganOnline.com

Gavin and Elaine of T2TUK/Kagan-UK are proud to be ‘Certified International Kagan Trainers’.

What does this mean?

This means that T2TUK/Kagan-UK are accredited Trainers able to deliver Workshops covering basic Kagan Cooperative Structures. (see Cooperative Learning)

These workshops will show you how to build powerful learning teams in your classroom. How to use Kagan methods for teamformation, teambuilding, classbuilding, management, mastery, higher-level thinking, and social skills.

You’ll learn dozens of Kagan Structures which are easy to use tomorrow and for a lifetime. These structures are practical, hands-on ideas grounded in sound research and theory.

Gavin Gavin

Have you ever had a turning point in your life that forever changed your life’s direction? I did. And that turning point was learning about Kagan Structures for the first time. In this article I document my first hand experience learning Kagan Structures and putting them into action in my own classroom with great, immediate success.

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