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Increased Reading Speed

Use your brain's skills to turbo-charge your reading speed and skill! Reading Speed

Many people read at 200 words per minute (wpm) but are easily capable, with a little practice, of reading at 1000wpm effortlessly and fluently whilst at the same time increasing their comprehension.

Imagine how rewarding and significant this could be for you and your students! Many of the techniques used also help students who are experiencing difficulties with reading.
Maximise your students reading skills making the job of learning more efficient, motivating, and more fun!
T2TUK will help efficiently train your students and/or staff to maximise the impact of this uniquely powerful technique.
You will learn:
  • The false beliefs and the reality about reading.
  • Reading skills based on how the eye works.
  • How to improve speed and comprehension of material.
  • How to develop super concentration in your students.
  • How to get the information you need from the piles on your desk and into your head!

Take as an Inset or for Students from Year 5 upwards.

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