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Emotional Intelligences

T2TUK/Kagan-UK can help you to improve your students’ Emotional Intelligence.

EQ can matter more to students than IQ.
Students with high EQ know how to manage their feelings and emotions and deal well with the feelings of others.

Research shows that Emotional Intelligence is more important in creating academic achievement and in preventing educational failure than is traditional IQ. Students who are under performing with traditional instructional strategies “ switch on” to academic content when it is presented with alternative strategies based on Emotional Intelligence theory.

T2TUK/Kagan-UK believe character is not something for students to learn about. It’s something for students to practice daily. That’s why we teach an integrated approach to character development. Instead of focusing on character to the detriment of academic learning, students develop core virtues in the process of learning content. Your students will become more compassionate, more cooperative, and more responsible.

  • Help students control their emotions and act rationally rather than impulsively.
  • Have students “acquire” rather than “learn” relationship skills.
  • Make practicing relationship skills part of every lesson.
  • Create a Caring Environment.
  • Make working together fun and successful.
  • Build mutual support and respect.
  • Establish a learning environment where everyone wants to be, including you!

Schools who focus on students’ EQ development report an increase in: self-awareness, self-control, self-motivation, empathy, relationship skills, self-esteem, caring, cooperation, perseverance and communication skills.

Emotional Intelligences
“People with a greater certainty about their feelings are better pilots of their lives.”
Daniel Goleman
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