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In a traditional classroom, pupils are actually happy when they see another child fail.
Is it any wonder why some pupils never put their hand up when the odds of being picked are stacked against them
Group’ work just recreates the inequalities of ‘whole-class’ teaching.
This structure is ‘Whole Class Question Answer’.
Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures for Active Engagement
Cooperative learning is one of the most extensively researched educational innovations of all time.There are approximately one thousand research studies which document its effectivenes and show that Cooperative Learning produces gains across all content areas, all grade levels, and amongst all types of students including special needs, high achieving, gifted, urban, rural, and all ethnic and racial groups.

Among the most strongly supported findings:

Cooperative learning improves:

  • Academic achievement among students, especially for low achieving students.
  • Race relations among students, including frequency of cross-race friendship choices.
  • Social skills and relations, including empathy, diversity skills, leadership skills, caring, sharing, helping, and feeling cared about.
  • Self-esteem among students, including intellectual/academic self-esteem, and peer self-esteem.
  • Class climate, including liking for class, content, and teachers.
  • Higher-level thinking, including questioning and synthesising diverse viewpoints and data.

In their recent book, Classroom Instruction that Works, Robert Marzano, Debra Pickering, and Jane Pollock (2001) advocate Cooperative Learning as one of the most proven approaches to increasing achievement. See also Chapter 3 , Cooperative Learning.


Cooperative Learning is a key element in Accelerated Learning.
“What children can do together today they can do alone tomorrow.”
-Lev Vygotsky
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