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Cooperative Behaviour

Win-Win Discipline
Strategies for all Discipline Problems
Kagan’s Win-Win Discipline is the single most comprehensive and effective classroom discipline program available. Win-Win seeks a higher goal than other discipline programs: The goal is not merely to end disruptions; the goal is to teach students to meet their unmet needs so they no longer need to be disruptive.
In this T2TUK/Kagan-UK Win-Win Discipline workshop you’ll learn all the basics: To identify the four types of disruptive behaviour; to recognise the seven positions from which they spring; and what to do in the moment-of-disruption. Learn to follow-up and to prevent future disruptions.
WorkShop Highlights:
Solve Your Daily Discipline Problems
  • Boost your confidence in handling all types of disruptions
  • Experience effective strategies for today’s students
  • Promote responsible behaviour
  • Understand why students misbehave
  • Experience the world’s most comprehensive approach to discipline
  • Prevent discipline problems—be free to teach!
Create a Caring, Cooperative Class
  • Identify students seeking attention or avoiding failure; learn what to do about it
  • Know when students are venting anger and how to respond appropriately
  • Channel energetic students’ disruptive behaviour into productive learning
  • Actively engage disengaged, bored students
Know What to Do When a Student...
  • Displays aggressive behaviour toward another student
  • Confronts you
  • Breaks the rules
  • Withdraws
Gain a new perspective on discipline problems and come away with tools that really work. Convert every disruption into a learning opportunity. Go beyond ending disruptions—teach responsible behaviours and life skills.
“Students won’t always remember what we teach them, but they will never forget how we treat them.”
Win-Win Discipline is the single most comprehensive and effective classroom discipline program available!
With Win-Win, you create a safe, comfortable learning environment for you and your students.
T2TUK/Kagan-UK will help you understand the Win-Win philosophy so that: You win, and your students win!
Contact Teacher To Teacher (UK) Limited to order your copy of Win-Win Discipline.
T2TUK/Kagan-UK run Win-Win workshops as either 1 Day or 2 Day courses
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