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At its simplest ’Classbuilding’ is getting students to know, like and respect other students in their class. Classbuilding refers to any classroom practice which results in improved classroom climate.


Classbuilding is great for students getting acquainted with each other.

Students need the opportunity to get out of their seats and to interact with their classmates in a positive way.

Classbuilding can energise your class at moments of low energy.

Students feel greater sense of self worth.

Students find they have things in common, this builds value networks as the students develop respect for each other

Classbuilding creates a non-threatening environment as conflicts are reduced and discipline problems drop away.

Classbuilding is FUN and creates greater liking for class and school.

Classbuilding helps to create the Inclusive classroom in which all students feel they are valued members.

All of these aspects of effective Classbuilding help to create an atmosphere of relaxed alertness which in turn creates effective learning.

T2TUK/Kagan-UK will help you learn the critical aspects of a Classbuilder, when to use them and step-by-step descriptions of many fun and practical classbuilding strategies for your class.

"Good schools, like good societies and good families,
celebrate and cherish diversity."
Deborah Meier
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