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Join T2TUK/KAGAN UK for a 1-Day Brain-Friendly Teaching Workshop
at the Deanwater Hotel, Woodford, Cheshire, SK7 1RJ
On 7th March 2017

Brain-Friendly Teaching: Tools, Tips and Structures - Day 1

Surprising new brain imaging techniques give us new windows into real-time brain functioning. For the first time, we can actually view which parts of the brain are engaged as we use different instructional strategies. Through this technology and other advances in brain science, there is an emerging understanding of which teaching methods best align with how the brain best learns.

Learn more about how the brain actually learns and which instructional strategies are brain-friendly and which are not. Find teaching easier and far more effective as you adopt proven brain-friendly structures!

Kagan Trilogy:
  • Classbuilding & Teambuilding: 6th March 2017—£160 + VAT
  • Brain-Friendly Teaching: £185.00 + VAT
  • Win-Win Discipline: 8th March 2017—£185.00 + VAT
Save 20%:
  • Register for the Kagan Trilogy simultaneously and pay only £424.00 + VAT.
Save 10%:
  • Register for any two of the above courses simultaneously to save 10%
1 Day
Workshop only
£185.00 + VAT
(ie £222.00 including VAT)

Course Fee Includes Free Book

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Spencer Kagan
Presenter: Gavin Clowes

Timings for Workshop

8.30 am Registration

9.00 am - 3.45 pm Workshop

Workshop Highlights:
  • Put brain science to work to maximise learning
  • View brain scans showing how brains “light up” with Kagan Structures
  • Master the Kagan Structures that make every lesson brain-friendly
  • Experience a wealth of Tools, Tips, and Kagan Structures to create total brain engagement
  • Create a safe learning environment where learning, thinking, and creativity flourish
  • Nourish the brain with Number Group Mania!
  • Discover stimuli that boost comprehension and retention of content


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Brain-Friendly Books
Participant Review:
The content was amazing! I learned so much about the brain and how it functions, and I can’t wait to use this knowledge and new structures to plan my lessons and create engaging, brain-developing activities! I love Kagan!”
— Elizabeth Garza, Secondary English Teacher
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