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Visual Example

The following is a visual example of a framework for Accelerated Learning with questions to consider for implementation.

  • Have you created the proper state for learning?
  • Are your students excited, attentive, relaxed and ready to learn?
  • Did your students have an opportunity to connect what they already know, their prior knowledge, to the new knowledge?
  • Did your students decide what would be good for them to know?
  • Did your students have input in how best they should learn?
  • Did your students know how they would benefit from the learning, What’s In It For Them?
  • Did your students have a model of the ‘parts’ and the ‘whole’ of what they are learning?
  • Did you break the task into achievable steps?
  • Did your students know what they needed to do in order to learn?
  • Did your students show you, tell you, and do the skill to demonstrate their learning?
  • Did your students have chance to work with and teach others working in small hetrogeneous teams?
  • Have you provided a review for the students learning?
  • What do your students now understand?
  • Can your students measure their own progress? What do they know, or what can they do, that is different from before?
  • Can your students demonstrate their progress in a variety of ways and using different intelligences?
  • Can your students tell if they met the learning outcomes?
  • Can your students reflect on ‘How did we learn?’
“A mind that is stretched to a new idea never returns to its original dimensions.”
Oliver Wendell Holmes
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