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What Is Accelerated Learning?

What is Accelerated Learning and how is Accelerated Learning accomplished?

‘Accelerated Learning’ is not one thing rather it is a set of broad principles and approaches to learning and as such is dynamic and growing. At T2TUK/Kagan-UK our goal is to contribute to the domain and to help the committed learner and teacher to more easily put theory into practice.

More has been discovered about how the human brain works and learns in the last fifteen years than in all history to date. Accelerated Learning is based on that research. Since learning in this way is more natural for you, it becomes easier, because it is easier, it is quicker. ‘ Accelerated Learning’ was a phrase coined by Ostrander and Schroeder (1979) in the United States.

How is Accelerated Learning accomplished?

The common element of the approaches is to provide a stimulating environment where the learner can safely enjoy active engagement. Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures for Active Engagement allow the teacher to:

  • Integrate different Intelligences and learning styles
  • Support different learners
  • Develop strategies to improve student’s self esteem, motivation, attention, learning and achievement.

Cooperative Learning Structures allow ‘Accelerated Learning’ to be an enjoyable, successful and satisfying experience 25 lessons per week!

By working closely with classmates and teammates in a Cooperative Learning class the ‘Accelerated Learner’ becomes intrinsically motivated towards achievement, self-confidence, and mastery of content.

As the student feels competent in the process, a love of learning emerges. Amazingly enough the learner is unaware of exactly how much learning is going on. Only that a lot is going on and its fun! When properly motivated and appropriately taught, all learners can reach a level of achievement which may currently appear beyond them.

“People learn in direct proportion to how much fun they are having.”
Bob Pike
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